STEP TEN – New habits

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Although everyone is different, and their habits are different, each disciple should at least have a few core habits. We need to help a spiritual infant to develop these habits (or spiritual exercises).


Reading the Bible (See here –> Exercise #1: Read the Bible)

A physical baby takes a long time to come to a place where they feed themselves. Spiritual infants however can begin immediately to develop this habit. As they grow in their understanding of the Bible, they will find it less confusing to read the Bible on their own.

Here are some ways to get started:

  • Help them to choose a version of the Bible that is easy to understand
  • You can hold them accountable to a Bible reading plan
  • Let then choose a specific location where they will do their Bible reading
  • Start slowly and recommend them to start with the gospel of Mark, as it focusses on Jesus and is not too long
  • They can also be introduced to journaling about what they learn and keeping track of their Bible reading

Make the Bible reading plan a regular part of your discussions. Don’t assume that the spiritual infant knows what to do. As the spiritual infant grows, you can introduce tools and methods for Bible study. Encourage them to have regular times of Bible reading.



Day Scripture Activity
Day 1 Mark 1-2 When you’re done reading, write a one-paragraph summary of each chapter in your own words.
Day 2 Mark 3-4 Pick one thing Jesus did or taught that you think applies directly to you and highlight it in your Bible.


Sharing the gospel (See here -> Share)

Infants can share by simply telling others how you came to Christ. The best way to share this with a spiritual infant to model it. If you don’t share the gospel with others, the new baby Christian will not do it. Help them to become fluent in sharing their testimony and select a few scriptures to memorise.

Identify a list of people (friends, neighbours, family members, etc.) to pray for who need to know Jesus. Pray together for them that they might come to know Jesus and also for an opportunity to share the gospel with them. Celebrate with them when he or she gets to be part of seeing someone come to faith.


Praying (See here -> Exercise #2: Pray)

Teaching about prayer is not as important as practicing prayer. Infants can learn a lot by simply praying with you. You need to push through the roadblock of being self-conscious. They need to form this habit while the cement of spiritual growth is wet that will benefit them throughout their life.


Attending church

Developing the habit of regular attendance in church and small/bible study groups is essential for their spiritual growth. On a Sunday we can choose to sleep in, play golf or do homework, or we can be faithful to God’s command in scripture to not forsake the assembly.

Read Hebrews 10:24-25. What reasons does the writer give for regular church attendance?




What habits do the following spiritual exercises create?

Singing in church _____________________________________________________________

Taking up offering ____________________________________________________________

Going every week ____________________________________________________________


Evaluating their growth

There is no time period fixed for how long a disciple will be a spiritual infant. We need to pay attention to his or her characteristics. For example:

  • John has developed a fairly consistent habit of reading his Bible. He is learning how to feed himself spiritually.
  • He comes to church each week and has good questions when he meets for discipleship.
  • He is becoming more comfortable with praying in the group. All of these are characteristics that show that John is moving into the childhood stage of discipleship.

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